A brief story of my adult life.

After finishing college I declined a university offer in favour of a year out doing things with the internet.

When I applied for university again the interview went well and they offered me a place straight in the second year. A few days later a letter arrived saying after looking through my work again would I like to lecture instead.

I taught hundreds of students over several years, until one day the NME saw the music photography I had been shooting for fun, and asked if I wanted to work for them. My early twenties had been all about hard work and being serious so the appeal of rock and roll was too much to resist. I spent the next few years travelling around, taking thousands of pictures of people you've probably heard of like Thom Yorke, Pete Doherty and Oasis and a whole lot of people you might not have.

There's no denying the lifestyle was an experience, although after a while hotel rooms started to all look the same and there were only so many people to meet and drinks to be drunk before I found myself looking for bigger challenges.

Right now I run my own company Digital Photo Gallery Limited, which brings together my years of photography and programming knowledge in to something amazing...

Andrew Kendall